„IWKA. Kūno, proto ir energijos įvaldymas“

What is WING TJUN?

Wing Tjun is a very practical martial art that uses principles of physics and body mechanics to teach people how to defend themselves in real life self-defense situations. It uses a combination of structure and timing over muscular strength and brute force by deflecting and redirecting 100 percent of the force of the attack into an opponent, so it is possible for physically weaker people to defend themselves effectively against a stronger attacker. The Wing Tjun system is self-defense in its most efficient and consistent form. Your own physical strength or prior abilities are not the decisive factor in a threatening situation.
The young or physically weak are always the first targets of aggressors. However, ANY person without major physical disabilities can gain self-confidence and a level of fitness which will increase their self-defense abilities by 500%.

Wing Tjun training will teach you to direct the force of an attack against the attacker, i.e. to ‘borrow’ the energy of the attacker, ‘charging up’ one’s own body and then effortlessly redirecting the energy back against its source. The Wing Tjun system is one of the very few self-defense systems that prepares you for every phase of a fight, using feet, fists, elbows and knees. Instead of retreating, a Wing Tjun student will advance and glue themselves to their assailant rendering them and leave them unable to continue their attack. This proximity, combined with well-defined movements, will force the attacker into a helpless position. Advanced Wing Tjun students turn into an instant nightmare for any aggressor.