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IWKA Estonia seminar with Sifu Linas Raisys 2018

IWKA Estonia seminar in Kaunas 2018
2018 03 17 -18

We really learned a lot in a friendly and supportive atmosphere from Sifu and his senior students, thank you for your patience and effort. This was our fourth IWKA seminar in Lithuania, once again we could appreciate the quality and deepness of the IWKA Wing Tjun system. It was an important milestone for Estonian Wing Chun as we could study the basic program (Basic Level SG 1-3), that we can now train in our Wing Tjun group in Tallinn, established under Lithuanian IWKA Wing Tjun Academy. Wing Tjun training in Tallinn: Grupijuht Sihing Sten Aamer,

Tel. 5058181

IWKA Wing Chun seminaras Kaune  IWKA Kung Fu instruktoriusKung Fu Kaune

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