„IWKA. Kūno, proto ir energijos įvaldymas“

Blast from the past, Grateful

Blast from the past, Grateful


Feel blessed that next to all the knowledge passed down by my Wing Chun sifu’s and ancestors and the knowledge of the parent arts of Fujian White Crane and Emei Zhe Zhuang I was fortunate to receive the knowledge of one of the best line up of Internal grandmasters around as seen on this photo, through the transmission of their teachings to my Main Chinese internal martial art Sifu’s over the years in Yang (Tian Zhaolin) and Huang Taiji as well as YiQuan. I will honor and keep their teachings alive through the IWKA “Internal Wisdom and Knowledge Association” to really help people worldwide on several levels with their Body, Mind and energy development in terms of Martial Arts and day to day life in general.  Sifu Sergio.

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