„IWKA. Kūno, proto ir energijos įvaldymas“


IWKA zenklas

We are known as one of the premier associations for building the Body, Mind and Energy through the Arts of Wing Tjun and Taiji with schools in over 18 countries worldwide. IWKA founder, Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola has studied Chinese Martial Arts intensively and combined his 30 years experience and extensive research into the history, philosophy, concepts and principles of Chinese martial arts with the most up-to-date Western teaching methods. Furthermore, by putting the pieces of the various lineages of Wing Chun found in China and Southeast Asia together, IWKA is the most complete available Wing Chun system to date, yielding results never before thought possible among students worldwide.

The aim of the IWKA is to spread the authentic IWKA Wing Tjun system throughout the world, as handed down in the direct lineage from its founders until the present day. At the IWKA we value high teaching standards. We have no “secrets” and our curriculum offers a very structured way to learn Wing Tjun Kung Fu.
The Wing Tjun teaching differs from the majority of other schools and lineages, because it does not rely on localised muscular strength. Instead, it utilises sensitivity, footwork, structure, concepts and principles to deal with attacks that are delivered by stronger, and/or faster people. We advocate the “soft” approach to Wing Tjun due to its virtually limitless possibilities.

The IWKA Wing Tjun system also offers a unique, systemized structure to train your tendons. Strong tendons not only support a longer and healthier life, but are also very important in self-defense when dealing with brute/strong, muscular force from your opponent. Force against force (i.e. direct blocks instead of neutralisation and redirection of power) go only so far and fail when the opponent is stronger. The soft approach, however, can be improved upon and utilised for a whole lifetime by anyone. Regardless of size, strength, gender or age. Our Wing Tjun, due to its soft approach, is very direct, ‘aggressive’ and devastating in its real-life application. Accordingly, our motto is “Less is More”.