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Why is our IWKA Taiji curriculum called Three Pillar Yang Taiji?

Why is our IWKA Taiji curriculum called Three Pillar Yang Taiji?

The answer is simple as I learned three distinct Yang Curriculums

1.The Huang Shen Shyan system ( A mix of Fujian White Crane and Cheng Man Ching Yang Taiji) under several direct students of the late Sifu Huang Shen Shyan in Taiwan, Singapore and New Zealand ( for more info and photos visit us clickable link in the BIO )

2.The Sam Tam Yang Taiji system under Sifu Sam Tam in Vancouver Canada

3.The Classical old Yang Taiji style (Yang Shou Hou/Tian Zhaolin lineage under Sifu Tian Bing Yuan in Shanghai
( for more info and photos visit:  www.experiencetaiji.com ).

This in my opinion is a great build up to create a very solid base with focus on Song and Cai with the 5 loosening exercises the basic Pile standing (Zhan Zhuang) of Huang Shen Shyan (The Song San Wu Fa or more simple Song Gong) and the basic 37 posture forms of Huang Shen Shyan which is basically the Chen Man Ching form with a Fujian White Crane infusion, also included are the 16 two men sets of Huang Shen Shyan which mostly actually are derived from Fujian White Crane )

Then moving on to the Sam Tam 37 posture form, his pile standing methods (Zhan Zhuang) and his two man sets where lots of focus is on building up of Qi and being able to use the Yi before moving and to move the Qi throughout the body to produce the distinct Taijiquan energies.
Here the student really starts to develop another layer of skill and experience the “being light as a feather while the opponent perceives you as heavy as a mountain” being able to move freely and being Light Chin Li and Piao are very important concepts here.

With that build up we end the IWKA Three Pillar Yang Taiji curriculum with the teaching of the complete comprehensive Classical Yang Style curriculum of Tian Zhaolin and Yang Shao Hou. Large frame, Middle Frame, Small frame, The Two man sets (single hand, double hand and stepping methods) Da Lu, 88 San Shou, Yang Family Ba Duan Jin, and Neigong.

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